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Peace of Mind for your Business

Tired of worrying about your IT infrastructure? How many times have you met unexpected outages, audits and vulnerabilities causing you to spend more time firefighting while your other jobs stack up?

At Cassidy Web Services, we continuously monitor our solutions for reliability and security, ensuring patches are either automatically installed, or applied in a timely manner. Our services are provisioned to be remotely managed, meaning faster response times.

Advanced Data Networking

Simple LANs and VLANs only scale so far and can become cumbersome to manage.

Our extended experience with ISP and Data centre-grade networking puts us in a unique position to consult on large-scale networks with fault-tolerant dynamic routing using industry-standard protocols.

Using anycast SDN techniques, we can also provision location-independent redundant services transparently.

No Servers? No Problem!

Even if you currently have no infrastructure we can advise and assist in the implementation of cloud-based services.

Cloud-based services allow you to work from anywhere with a working internet connection. You can take your documents, office phone and applications with you wherever you go.

Still want a physical office? We'll set up managed, enterprise grade WiFi too.

Need Something Else?

Then why not get in touch! We can help with all kinds of T projects, large or small, Cloud, on-premises, or a mix of both. And if we can't do it, we'll point you in the direction of someone who can! You'll have your feet up with worry-free IT in no time.

So why wait? Drop us a line using the details below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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